iCloud login and activation does not work

You may have recently bought a new Apple device or reset your existing one. Due to some problems, login and device activation operations cannot be performed with iCloud account since December 25. That's why you may not be able to use your device for a while until the problem is resolved.

iCloud login and activation does not work

Apple has confirmed that the problem has been happening since December 25

The problem indicated by the yellow tick as "iCloud Account and Login - Problem" on the Apple service status page, which shows the instant working status of all services offered by Apple, confirms that it has been ongoing since December 25 at 12:45. In addition, the official Twitter account of Apple Support said that the authorities informed a user who was having trouble trying to install a new iPad and HomePod Mini device about the problem and that it would be resolved shortly.

Although Apple says that the problem will be solved soon, many users who have bought a new device will not be able to use their device for some time now. We will continue to convey the developments in this regard by updating this article.

Update: According to the information received from the Apple service status page, Apple, which has been aware of the annoying problem that users have been experiencing when activating and logging in to their devices for two days, has reported that the iCloud login issue has been resolved as of today.

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