PlayStation 5 stocks quickly sold out due to black market

PlayStation 5 stocks quickly sold out due to black market

2 December 2020 0 By Caner Güngör

Stocks of the PlayStation 5 game console have suffered more losses than most recently released devices. The company promised more shares before the end of the year after this unprecedented demand. But it is estimated that most of them will again be bought by black marketeers.

PlayStation 5 and DualSense

It was already predicted that the demand for the PlayStation 5 would be excessive. The long duration of the pandemic has made consoles even more attractive, and black marketeers have tried to take advantage of this demand with more than enough. Business Insider spoke to some of the groups that use tracking software to stock a large number of PS5S before anyone else. he said that CrepChiefNotify members, a team of 12 people, have purchased close to 2,500 consoles. This number is equal to about a thousand units less than the stock available on the date orders were first received.

PlayStation 5 was not the main target of black marketeers

CrepChiefNotify charges $40 per month for the services it provides. In the face of changing demands with Covid-19, the sectors to which black marketeers are turning have also changed. The main target of CREPCHIEFNOTIFY was “Adidas Yeezys”-like sneakers, which, like similar companies, were sold at high prices.

As a CrepChiefNotify official told a newspaper, “We have noticed that with the Covid-19 pandemic, people are turning to different products. People’s interest has shifted towards such ridiculous things as a jacuzzi. We noticed that they began to be sold in stores and resold on eBay for a profit. For this reason, our developer team has written several site tracking software and we have been constantly monitoring the stock. Every time they added stock to the products, we were sending a warning message to our members to buy them all.” his words attracted attention.

At the moment, the only way to have a PlayStation 5 is to buy it on eBay for a crazy price. The most expensive (on US sites) is $ 15 thousand, while those below this price start at $ 2 thousand.