Adding live subtitle to the desktop version of Chrome

Adding live subtitle to the desktop version of Chrome

21 May 2020 0 By Caner Güngör

We know that subtitles, which we use in series, movies, games and many media, are a very useful tool. We can follow films, series or games presented in a language we do not know or are trying to learn in our native language. However, we can even track media files that do not have audio with subtitles.

Google Chrome

Not every media file supports subtitles. But this problem can be considered solved by Google. In this regard, a tech site has discovered a new feature in Chrome. This feature allows you to convert audio to subtitles in media files.

If you want to try out the new features offered by Google before anyone else, you can download the beta version via the download page. This allows you to contribute to Chrome’s development by giving feedback to Google after reviewing new features. (Unintended errors and problems occur in the Beta version. If you are not an experienced user, we do not recommend installing it.)