iOS 13.5 is out! Covid-19 tracking API and more

iOS 13.5 is out! Covid-19 tracking API and more

21 May 2020 0 By Caner Güngör

It was announced as part of iOS 13.5, the person tracking API that Apple and Google developed together. In addition, the update makes it easier for mask-wearing users to unlock Face ID. FaceTime Group includes minor fixes for calls, emergency services, and bug fixes. Apple has been conducting coronavirus-related beta tests for iPhones for the past few weeks. The official iOS 13.5 update is currently being distributed globally to all compatible models.

iOS 13.5 ve iPhone

The main feature of this update is almost identical to those mentioned above. Covid – 19 brings an exposure notification system developed to track the contact of users who tested positive. In addition, this system makes a positive contribution to the strategies that countries will create to prevent the pandemic.

It will be at the user’s own request for users to turn on these notifications that are enabled after installing an associated application.


Face ID now automatically offers the password login option after scrolling the screen for users wearing a mask. You can also use this feature in other areas, such as the App Store, iTunes, and apps that use Face ID.

Apple has also added the option to automatically take the lead on Group FaceTime calls to stop video sizes changing while an attendee is talking. It will also allow emergency services to share medical information when making emergency calls for people living in the United States.

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Additional security and stability fixes were made for the Mail application in iPadOS 13.5, which is used on the iPad, along with updates to Face ID and FaceTime, fixes to the streaming video and sharing page.

while tvOS and HomePod switched to version 13.4.5, older iPhones / iPads / iPods not supported by iOS 13 received significant security updates with the iOS 12.4.7 patch.