Will Apple kill old devices with iOS 14?

Will Apple kill old devices with iOS 14?

5 June 2020 0 By Caner Güngör

Apple, one of the largest technology companies in America and the world, has announced the date of WWDC 2020, an annual event where it will introduce iOS 14, the next version of the operating system it uses on its smart devices, and some new hardware. On that date, Apple will introduce some new devices and operating system updates.

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WWDC 2020 event will be held for the first time exclusively online on June 22. Apple’s iOS 14 update, which it will announce in the coming days, has been the subject of curiosity whether it will give its old devices.

It is estimated that the iPhone 6 and Plus models, which have received all iOS updates so far, will not receive subsequent updates that will be released after that. Apple had previously stopped maintaining updates to devices that stopped being manufactured. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models, introduced and released in 2014, will also no longer be supported by Apple.