Privacy Policy as we care about your privacy at the highest level. In general, we have explained in detail all the topics you may be interested in under various headings. You can send us other questions about privacy on the contact page, which you can easily reach.

Copyright and unauthorized use

All content contained in (image, text, video, etc.) rights are protected under the law on intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846. It cannot be used in any media without explicitly specifying the source. The necessary legal actions will be initiated within the scope of unauthorized use and charges will be filed for the implementation of the sanctions specified in the relevant articles of the Turkish Criminal Code. The administrators of the Dynery site have the right to change, remove, correct, add or remove written, visual and similar content on the site at any time. If any content used in prepared content falls within the scope of copyright, it is responsible for making the necessary changes to such content within 72 hours, if the necessary notification is made.

You can contact us to report content that you suspect unauthorized use on external sites:

Comments the responsibility for all user comments contained in it belongs to the person who makes the comment in accordance with law 5651. Our site cannot be held responsible for comments. Comments made are constantly reviewed by the site administration and comments deemed inappropriate are removed.


We use certain cookies to evaluate and improve the experience of visitors. These cookies include your IP address, demographic information, the characteristics of the device you use when accessing our site(brand, operating system, screen resolution, etc.) and includes details such as browser information. As part of the collaboration, a third-party person or persons, including Google, may place Cookies in your browser and read cookies, or use web beacons to collect information as a result of serving ads on our site. Google and its partners ‘ use of these cookies allows them to serve ads based on your visits to other sites on the internet. Data collection with cookies can be prevented by making the necessary adjustments from the relevant parts of the browser used by the visitor. User information is not sold to individuals or companies unless otherwise specified.

Each user who visits our site is warned about cookies when they first visit our site and is directed to this page to have detailed information about our Cookie Policy. Everyone who enters our site accepts the above mentioned considerations and he cannot claim that he has suffered material or moral damage. Cookies on our site are only used by Google tools (Analytics, etc.) can be accessed through and provides a reference only for the purpose of obtaining information for the purpose of developing our site.

Ads and Google AdSense is advertising within the scope of the Google AdSense service. As a result of the advertisements offered on our site, cookies may be placed and read on your browser by Google and its business partners. For detailed information, you can review Google’s cookie and privacy policy.

Disabling Personalized Ads

Ads offered by Google and the organizations we collaborate with vary depending on the pages and interests that visitors have previously visited. You can disable personalized ads through this link. You can also visit this site to learn more.

Social media and external links

Our site operates on social media platforms and in different media. In addition, the news and articles we have prepared may contain links that redirect to external sites depending on the topic. There is no obligation to click on shared links. From the moment you enter these sites, the responsibility rests entirely with the web address you enter with your own consent. The privacy policies of some of the platforms on which our site operates are shared below.

Timeliness of the Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy may be updated periodically. We recommend that you visit this page periodically to be aware of our current privacy policy.

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Last updated: 06.11.2021